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Olga, ID: 1002445
Olga, 25
Kiev, Ukraine
HEIGHT 5' 3" (162 cm)
EDUCATION graduate school
BIRTHDAY June 14, 1991
WEIGHT 103 lbs. (47 kg)
OCCUPATION head of projects in the company that provides
ZODIAC gemini
RELIGION Christianity
MARITAL STATUS never married
LANGUAGES English, Russian, Ukrainian

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Once upon a time in Ukrainian city was born a beautiful girl. Being very happy her parents decided to give her a name Olga which means “blessed” and “holy”. Giving that name, they literally blessed their daughter with beautiful and happy life and the girl was very grateful for that. When Olga grow up she realised that life is not that good and happy all the time as it can be written in books about princesses sometimes. But still, she saved this wonderful feature, to believe in the a happy and wonderful story and see the light in darkness. As you have already realised, this girl is me. I do understand that life is not that simple and easy as we have imagined, but I’m still happy to be the one who accepts it as a wonderful gift. And I would like to become even happier than I am now. And to make a person who’s with me happy too. That’s why I’m here actually. My goal on this site is very simple - I want to find a serious man with good intentions and to create a beautiful story with him. But honestly, I’d like to warn those who are looking just for a lady with beautiful appearance and nothing inside – wrong page. I’m here with serious intentions. I’m looking for someone who can see things not just outside but focused on those which are inside. Talking without modesty, huh, I’m that girl who’s used to be strong but with a tender heart. I’m serious at work but after I just like to spend time with my beloved relatives and friends, just to be happy together. I usually don’t let someone to be too close to me, but if you’re accepted – it means you are very special for me. It’s not that easy but as I already told I’m looking for a man with serious intentions and who’s brave enough to fight for me. If you’re ready, let’s start the beginning of our story. II’m waiting for you.


Difficult activity, such a search of my ideal man. But I will try. Reliable, purposeful, with his own principles and views on life. The main thing that would love me and my character.


I am engaged in self-development constantly, read a lot. I visit a lot of activities, seriously go in for sports (bodybuilding).

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