Oksana , ID: 1002476

Oksana , 38

Kiev, Ukraine

HEIGHT 5' 10" (180 cm)
EDUCATION graduate school
BIRTHDAY April 18, 1979
WEIGHT 151 lbs. (69 kg)
OCCUPATION Middle Management (Head of Department in the
ZODIAC aries
RELIGION Christianity
LANGUAGES English, Russian, Ukrainian

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I am the real life lover. This is why I consider this as the biggest gift we have. This is why I live every day of my life the fullest. I am unbreakable optimist and hopeless romantic. I am deeply inspired person and I can see the beauty of this world. My previous (not always happy). Life experience has taught me some very valuable lessons which I have learned perfectly. Now I know, what's the most important in life and what's the meaning of happiness and peace in mind. I can compare myself with the exotic fruit. Do you like it? I am sure that when you see how beautiful and tempting such fruit looks you are dying to find out how it taste. Do you want me to become your exotic fruit? I can tell you all my secrets and you will find out what is hidden inside of this beautiful cover. I promise you that this fruit is as great inside as it is outside. So you will not be disappointed when you know what a nice person I really am. Don’t hesitate writing me. This fruit is worth trying. My man must be strong and must know life. He must be ready to keep family and take responsibility for it. It doesn't matter for me how old are you. I used to date a man of my age. It did not work out as I had a feeling I was dating a child. I want mature and true man. I want to meet someone who will ever be able to lift a hand on his woman. I need a real man, not super hero but someone true and loyal. I hate argues and I have the ability to communicate and discuss all the problems. I want this from my future beloved. I must be sure that he will never hurt me. Is that you?


I was thinking for a long time before registering here: Do I really need it? Is it possible to find my man here? And I wanted to try. I am not young and silly girl as I used to be, who has a lot of romantic thoughts in her hair... I have already got through this age. I am more pragmatic now. To fall in love for me is not a quick process. I need time for that. So if I refuse to kiss you at our first date, would it be a reason for you not to invite me on a second date? If you are interested in me I want to know more about you. How do you spend your day? How often do you do sports? I like jogging very much, so I courious. Would you like to overtake me or you would like to run behind me and enjoy what you see?


I was engaged in track and field athletics, visit the gym now. I love spending time with my dog.

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