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Thanks to Odessa Date I met the love off my life, Elena. And with the help of translator, it made it easier to communicate with Elena. Her and I are very fond of each other and will continue to grow our relationship.

Darren C., United States on 16th May 2017

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Craig S., United States on 30th March 2015

I am a 52 year old widower, that is a christian with three children that are grown and on their own. I also am a real estate investor that is planning on starting my own real estate business soon. I am looking for a lady with the same aspirations as mine, to where we can take walks together, hand and hand. To show our love and affection for each other. I am looking for that woman to where we can show our love to each other forever through thick and thin. You have my back and I have your back and no one will separate us. I would also like to learn how to do yoga to keep myself in good shape. I also like basically all sports basketball, football, baseball, badminton some golf. Would like to learn about the different Asian foods that are good and healthy for me. So let's try and get a true relationship started !!!

Eddie E., United States on 9th September 2014

I think the site is wonderful , I am looking for a wife! Wish me luck!

., Canada on 3rd April 2014

Hi i really like this service as is reasonably priced and they have a very good selection of nice woman here ,they all seen to be geniounly looking for a guy to marry here,i have been on other sites but this one i would reconmend to any guy out there michael

Mike U., New Zealand on 3rd March 2013

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